26. How Should Agencies Leverage Social Media to Expand Their Brand in 2020?

Beverage: A Tekiwi

Part 1:

What qualities should agency owners look for when hiring?

The job market in the insurance industry continues to get more aggressive. The need for bringing talent in is being felt at many agencies regardless of size or location. And while there may be several responses to a job posting, not every potential hire is going to be the right hire for the agency.

Here are 4 essential characteristics an agency owner will want to look for during the hiring process:
Critical Thinker – Individuals who are willing and able to think “outside of the box” will bring new ideas to the table. Employees with critical thinking skills approach their work differently than others and are able to look at challenges from different angles and generate creative solutions.

Flexibility & Adaptability –Whether it is adopting new technology or revising processes, many agencies are frequently evaluating, re-strategizing and pivoting where needed. Individuals who are open-minded and prepared to adjust will help move the organization closer to its goals.

Desire to Learn – A willingness to always be a student is absolutely critical. The insurance industry can be a complicated world with an overwhelming amount of information to decipher. Insurance continues to evolve whether it is client needs and demands or the way carriers do business. A candidate who is prepared to stay on top of new developments will be a tremendous asset.

High Emotional Intelligence – Every component of the insurance industry is relationship driven. Individuals who possesses high emotional intelligence will be empathetic and understanding. This characteristic will allow them to build strong relationships with clients and co-workers.

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Part 2 :

What critical information do agency owners need to know about building brand on social media?

Whether building a company brand or personal brand, the utilization of social media is critical. Using one or more platforms can be a powerful way to increase exposure for your brand and reach a new audience.

Here are 3 critical steps agencies and their employees should take when building a brand on social media.

Respect Others: Controversial topics are not bad in and of themselves and do not necessarily need to be avoided. However, there must be an understanding that there will be many opinions on certain topics, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. The ability to debate a topic respectfully and generate meaningful discussion is key.

Be Informed: Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool. It can be an easy way to communicate valuable insurance information, not just with clients, but with prospects as well, but information must be accurate. The consequences of posting erroneous information can be loss of credibility and damage the reputation of both the individual posting and the agency they represent. Taking time to research and confirm all the facts before clicking post will save everyone a lot trouble in the long run.

Provide Value: As social media continues to become more accessible, the popularity rises as well. As more competitors join social media, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Agents must take time to create content that is meaningful to their audience. By doing this, agents position themselves to add value and build relationships.

Making sure social media is being used wisely as a company and by employees is important to protecting the reputation of everyone involved.

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